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Entry after reception hours from 20.00

You will be charged for your stay before your arrival. You must check-in online, which will be sent to your email and then we will send...

Towel rental.

Towel rental. It must be returned at the end of your stay. The PRIVATE rooms include the towel.

Extra Towels

Two sets of towels and an extra mat. Large and small towel and mat.

Bottle of fine wine

A 750ml bottle of fine wine and two glasses.

Serrano Ham

Cebo Iberico Shoulder 50% Iberian Breed Verita house 100gr

Cleaning Service Mandatory

Final cleaning of the apartment. It is mandatory for all apartments.

Extra cleaning service during the stay

Extra cleaning service during your stay in the apartment. IT INCLUDES: - Change of towels and sheets - Cleaning of the apartment
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